How To Fix Up Your Lazy Boy Recliner Footrest Problems With 3 Easy Steps

How To Fix Up Your Lazy Boy Recliner? When any of your favorite furniture doesn’t work properly, it makes you irritated and angry, right. Especially when it is the lazy boy recliner chair, it makes you more annoying.

Don’t worry.

Here, according to the expert suggestions, we will discuss how you fix up your lazy boy recliner footrest with 3 easy and simple steps. After many years of overusing the best recliner chair, it may need to repair. It is easy to fix the chair by calling the experts and paying them when you don’t want to repair it yourself.

But if you are a DIY (do it yourself) type person and know the repairing process. It will be an outstanding achievement to fix it up by yourself.

If you want to fix up your recliner footrest, scroll down and know the process of fixing the recliner chair footrest. After learning the process, roll up your sleeves, and get down the work.

You know, for winning a war, we have to build up some strategies, know some rules, gather some guns. Then we go to the war and win. Similarly, to fix up the footrest or any faulty parts of your lazy boy recliner chair, you should collect some equipment or tools. Let’s know about the fixing tools.

  1. Screwdriver for loosening the screws
  2. Wrench for releasing or tightening the screws
  3. Bolts or screws for old one replacement
  4. Lubricant for removing the jams of the parts
  5. Clean towel for cleaning the rust, dust, or any other dirty things
  6. Old newspaper for spreading under the chair to safe the floor
  7. Hand gloves for protecting yourself from germs and bacteria.

There you have to know about the tools that you need to fix up the recliner chair. It is time to know where you collect these tools.

From where do you collect the tools?

Now, you have to know the place from where you can collect these tools.

  1. Old newspapers and clean towels are available in your home.
  2. You can collect all the rest tools from your nearest hardware store.
  3. If you don’t find it there, you can search for it on the internet. There is a lot of online shops that can offer you these tools within your budget.
  4. After searching online, if you don’t find the necessary tools, you can contact the lazy boy company, there you must get the equipment, or they will inform you about the source of the tools.

Here we come to our article’s main point, which is the step-by-step guideline to fix the lazy boy recliner chair.

How to fix the lazy boy recliner footrest?

The most common problem of the lazy boy recliner chair is the footrest problem. As you give the highest pressure on it so sometimes it doesn’t work smoothly. We have identified three kinds of footrest problems after talking with experts that you need to repair.

  1. Sometimes the footrest feels too much stuff and doesn’t move.
  2. Sometimes the adjusting mechanism damages due to overuse and
  3. Sometimes the footrest stacks. Now, you can check out the repairing process of the three common recliner chair footrest problem.

The fixing process of recliner footrest stuff

• It can happen to loosen the screws or bolts or lack of lubricant.
• First, you should turn over the chair to reach the lower part.
• Before turning over the chair, spread the old newspaper on the floor, it helps catch the rust or oil, and your floor remains clean.

• Turn on your flashlight and try to observe the defective area.
• Remove all the dust or rust from the recliner chair as it helps to work the chair like a new one and increase its lifetime.
• If you see any bolts or screws loosen, then tighten the bolts correctly.
• If you think all the screws or bolts are right position. Then it can be for the lack of lubricant. So to move the footrest smoothly, pour some lubricant on all the joints of the recliner chair
• After that, turn it on the normal position and sit on it. If you find it works smoothly, then your mission is successful.

The fixing process of recliner footrest mechanism damage

Sometimes the adjusting mechanism is damaged, and it may need repair. Here are the steps to fix up this issue

• The footrest is adjusted with some separate springs to move up and down. So if the springs move from the right track or break, you can find this adjustment mechanism damaging problem.
• There is nothing serious about it. Don’t be panic.
• To solve this problem, just downturn the chair, and you can reach the springs of it.
• If you can see the springs are moved from the right place, then take it on the proper position and tighten with the screwdriver or Allen wrench
• But, if you find the springs have broken, then replace it with the new springs.
• After that, try to upwards and downwards of the footrest. Check its performance. If it’s ok, your repairing process is over.

The fixing process of recliner footrest stacks

Every lazy boy recliner chair has lots of ratchets to lock its position where you want. Sometimes, these ratchets are damaged or don’t work correctly. That’s why the footrest stacks.
• To solve this problem, you have to replace the new ratchets instead of the old ratchets.
• To do this job, you need a screwdriver, some new ratchets, and an Allen wrench.
• By rotating the recliner 360°, you can reach the main defecting parts.
• For reaching the exact ratchets, you have to loosen the nearest screws and bolts with the screwdriver.
• If the ratchets are broken, replace them with new ones, and if it loosens or removes from the right track for any reason, you should bring the ratchets in the proper position and tighten it correctly.
• Before turning it to the normal position, recheck it either all the parts are working or not.
• If all is good, then your recliner footrest must be work correctly and give you relaxation.

The fixing process of recliner chair cable

Sometimes the cable doesn’t work efficiently and needs some repairing. The step by step process of cable fixing

• If you feel that your lazy boy recliner chair back doesn’t move up and down from its own, that means it may loosen the cable piston bracket position.
• To fix up this, turn the chair upside down.
• Open the bolts with the wrench or screwdriver that is holding the squab to the frame.
• Remove the squab cables and again set up the right position.
• Now, tighten the loosening bolts so that the cable can’t be misplaced.
• Turn the chair in a normal position.
• Check whether your efforts work or not.

The fixing process of recliner chair pull handle

One of the other common malfunctions of the lazy boy recliner chair is not working the pull handle. The step by step guideline for fixing this issue is

• Overturn the chair 360° angle so that the headrest and armrest both are going to the ground
• Open the old pulling handle from the chair.
• Find out the malfunctioning reasons.
• Most of the cases, you will find screws are removed from the right position or loosened.
• If the screws removing from the right position, bring them to the correct position and attach them.
• If the screws are loosening, then only make them tight enough with the screwdriver.
• Get it in the usual position.

The fixing process of recliner chair one side lean

when one side leans Sometimes, one side of the lazy boy recliner chair is leaning due to more pressure than the other side, or one side broke down or worn out the side’s parts. The steps of fixing

• Identify what are the reasons for this problem.
• Do the chair upside down.
• Loosen the screws and make enough space to reach your hand to the right place.
• If any parts break, replace those parts with new parts.
• Do it carefully. Otherwise, there has a chance of remaining any worn screws inside the chair. It can make a problem of proper positioning.

Final Thought

By following these simple steps, you can quickly fix up your lazy boy recliner footrest. If you face any difficulty in doing it, never forget to call an expert.

The lazy boy company provided you with an invoice when you purchased it. There you must find some instructions for maintaining it. So always follow these instructions to keep it clean.

By following these, you can increase its lifetime and mitigate its problem. Have some relaxation time with your Lazy boy recliner chair.

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