Guideline on How to Raise a Recliner Chair

A recliner chair is purchased to ensure you can sit comfortably on a chair at your home or office. Depending on the various height and preference levels you have, you may sometimes feel your recliner is closer to the grounds, which is getting uncomfortable for you.

However, your recliner has a little short height, that doesn’t mean it becomes useless for you. Still, you can make it usable and comfortable for you.

Here we are going to tell you how to raise a recliner chair very efficiently and effectively. Stay tuned with us from first to last-

How to raise the height of a recliner chair

The most amusing matter is, you can raise your recliner height only within five to ten minutes. I am going to describe the step-by-step process in the followed way. Please follow all the steps-

Process one: Bring Furniture Raiser

Bring one furniture raiser (Especially designed recliner). Connect this on your recliner legs. It will allow your best recliner to raise a few inches from the ground. Never buy the raiser, which is made for a lighter chair or sofa. A recliner is a piece of heavy furniture, raising it using a lighter furniture raiser will cause the breakdown of all your raisers. However, bring your recliner four legs on four recliner raisers.

Noticed how your recliner raiser has made it connect with the recliner chair. For example, it may have a screwing system to connect with the recliner legs. Again, it may have a slip system to connect with the recliner legs. You can also see the user details to know how to connect the raiser with your recliner legs.

Once you have connected the raisers with all legs of your recliner, adjust all those recliner raisers in such a way so that your recliner can equally raise a few inches in height from the ground.

Suppose you need to raise your recliner’s minimum 5 inches height, so extend up to 5-inch height at the base of your recliner raisers. Extend all the raisers in the same manner. Before purchasing the recliner raisers from the market, carefully notice the types of raisers you need. Several rubber system raisers could not raise the furniture height at a different level. So, it is better not to buy these types.

Once you have connected and adjusted all the four recliner raisers with your recliner’s four legs, back your recliner to its previous positions, sit on your recliner to give a trial whether it can meet your comfort demand or not. If you feel your recliner got a low or high height, adjust all recliner raiser height manually.

Process Two: Use a Chair Cushion

You can raise your recliner height using a chair cushion also. You can lift your recliner on around thirteen centimeters or less than this, using Dining Chair Cushions. But a chair cushion only can increase a limited height, so keep that in your mind sharply.

Process Three: Use a Wood Platform:

You can do your DIY project to make a wooden platform. You will find many tutorials on YouTube regarding how to raise a recliner chair using wood. You can follow any one of them.

However, take four pieces of wood (Wood Pillar); each will have the same thickness as per your height demand. If you want to increase 5-inch height, take four wood pillars with 5-inch thickness. Make a ratio of two: two. Use a measuring tape to count the length and width of your recliner base.

Take two wood pillars according to the length of the recliner. And again, take two wood pillars according to the width of the recliner. Now make a block of the wood frame by connecting all these four wood pillars. Ensure you have taken the same thickened wood pillar which you need to raise your recliner. Once you have made the wood frame, you can cover it using some shiny fabrics stapling on the wood platform through an industrial stapler.

Process-Four: Use a Power Lift Recliner

Many power lift recliners are available in the market, allowing you to lift and recline the recliner electrically. The three best power lift recliners nowadays are given below-


How to raise a recliner chair?

You have many options to raise your recliner chair. Some of them are-
Use a heavy recliner raiser.
Use a chair cushion.
Make a wood platform.
Purchase a power lift recliner.
You can do your DIY project at home to raise your recliner. A power lift recliner can lift you and, at a time, will recline you automatically.

Can I make a Wood platform by mine at home?

Yes, you can. Count the length and width of your recliner base at first. Note the measurements. Now take two wood pillars (thickness will be your recliner’s demand height) with the same measure that the recliner length has. Again, take the other two wood pillars according to the width of the recliner base. Now connect them to make a wood platform.

Final Verdict

So, if you have read the entire article, now you know how to raise a recliner chair as per your height demand. So, what’s next? Do you want to raise your recliner? Just go and start to apply any one of the four processes I have described above.

That’s all for now. Stay well and safe.
Thank you.

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