Know the Recliner and know-how a recliner works!

Having a recliner in your living room allows you to pass some time with a comfortable feel. You sit on this chair, pull the lever to lift the footrest, or hardly push the back to tilt the end; all happens due to the reclining mechanism.

So it seems pretty easy and simple. Does it?

Understanding how a recliner works often needs to fix any minor problems associated with the best recliner structure, design, and function. Therefore we are here today to describe the working mechanism of the Recliner.

Let’s enjoy descriptive information –

Before describing a recliner’s working mechanism, we will feel pleased to introduce you to the Recliner parts at first.

A recliner has two functional parts. One is the backrest, and another one is a footrest.

The backrest features a back tilting position; therefore, when the user sits on this armchair/sofa and pushes backward, the chair’s front side is rise upward. The footrest is included with a recliner, is expandable. That means you can lift the side lever (underneath the arm) and expand the footrest. When this backrest tilt to the back, the footrest also extends and starts a reclining operation.

However, the main parts of a recliner are its frame. This frame could be made either from Plywood or from Hardwood.

Secondly, the Recliner has a Metal Activating mechanism. Finally, the padded foam and the fabric is the final layer that surrounds the mainframe and armrest of the Recliner.

Mechanism of works of the Recliner:

As already we become familiar with the recliner structural parts, let’s describe the working tool by the different structural components of a recliner-

The frame of the Recliner is constructed using heavy-duty Plywood or Hardwood. This frame is further aligned with some super heavy and hard screws. So these screws allow to reclining of the chair easily as per user demand. Upon reclining the user’s movement, these screws can easily support the chair by stopping all the possibilities of the sofa’s premature wear and tear.

The arms of the Recliner joined with the main recliner body using a separate Cross Bar. Each component of the Recliner is a particular piece, which in turn allows a suitable reclining action both by pushing back or pushing front to the user.

We can explain the recliner work mechanism by their pattern as well. There are two types of Recliner available nowadays, Manual Recliner and Electric Recliner.

Manual Recliner has either a Pulling the Lever (situated underneath the armrest) or a Touch Button System. So pulling the lever or pressing on the touch button will allow the chair to push you back or push you towards the front. However, some manual recliners also have a system to press on the armrest to start a reclining function.

Electric Recliner has a spring system to allow a reclining action of the Recliner. This spring can both expand and back to its previous position if the user sits on the chair, leans somehow, and finally leaves the chair.

Generally, two types of reclining mechanisms are now seen in most Recliners. One is a Cable system, and the other is the placement of an extra and tiny arm under the Recliner’s armrest.
A recliner with a cable system has a lever that lifts or releases the footrest. As a result, the Recliner pushes back or front. Until this cable gets damaged or loose, it works better to recline the Recliner.

The second type is, including a small armrest underneath the armrest. This armrest present in the recliner acts as a crank to tilt the chair backward or to recline it towards the front position. Until the bolts that hold the armrest with the Recliner are damaged anyhow, it performs well for the reclining action.

Maintenance and Care of the Recliner:

Though it’s only a recliner, it still needs proper maintenance and frequently cares about some intervals. Never allow the dust to accumulate on your Recliner. External dust, debris may jam on the internal moving parts of the Recliner. So, the user may hear an odd or unusual noise coming out from inside the Recliner.

Whatever to stop such noise penetrate coming out, pour oil/lubricants on the external or internal metal parts (mainly on metal joint) of the Recliner. There are several DIY videos available on YouTube; if you want to learn the maintenance and care for the Recliner, you could watch them.


what type of mechanical dysfunction arises from a recliner?

When the cable becomes loose or damaged, reclining performance is disrupted at the Recliner, which works by a cable system. Again the bolt that holds the arm to the chair becomes loose; the lifting mechanism also gets poorly interrupted.

Can I adjust the recliner tension system?

If your Recliner has an adjustable recliner tension system, you can do it. You will find a Thumb-wheel or Wingnut underneath the recliner seat. Turn on the Thumb-wheel or rotate the Wingnut clockwise to increase the recliner tension. Do the reverse when you want to minimize the stress.

Final verdict

You don’t need to call the technician to resolve any silly problems related to the Recliner. Just know in detail about the structure and the mechanism of work of the Recliner. The remaining will work automatically. As a recliner works on a mechanical movement, it often could stop functioning due to some major or minor issues. This is all about how a recliner works. If this article is even a little bit useful, please share it.

Thank you.

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