How Do I Keep My Recliner From Sliding? Know the answer

How Do I Keep My Recliner From Sliding? Know the answer here: after passing a busy day when you sit on a recliner to have a relaxing time, if your recliner does not stably place in its position, you may feel uncomfortable and irritate.

A recliner sliding on your floor can damage the floor (especially the wood floor) by scratching over it. However, you don’t need to worry if your recliner has started sliding across your room floor. We have come here with a couple of solutions by which you can stop your recliner sliding.

Let’s see some quick and affordable solutions to your questions -How Do I Keep My Recliner from Sliding.

Wood Blocks

Practically I used some wood blocks to stop the sliding of my recliner. And it worked magically. You can make woodblocks by yourself. Just cut some heavy wood pieces according to your recliner base sizes. It is not only inexpensive; it is also the easiest method to stop sliding of your recliner.

The only problem with woodblock is that if you place a thicker wood block under your recliner, it may raise your recliner, which may go against your height satisfaction.

Rubber Grippers

Rubber Grippers also can stop a recliner from sliding on its tracks. Placing rubber grips at the bottom of your recliner will give you a non-adhesive gripe without leaving any residue of the rubbery glue. As you can replace the rubber grips when you wish, so when you need to move your recliner, it will never exert additional work when you need to remove those.

Moreover, you will find different types of user-friendly rubber grips in your nearest hardware shops. Though rubber grips are designed to place under the chair’s legs, you can suitably set those grips under the metal frame of your recliner.

Rubber Pad

Using a non-slip Rubber pad also can stop your recliner from sliding over its track. These sheets are coming in a sheet-like form so you can cut according to your need as well. Measure the recliner base length and cut the rubber pad according to this measurement.

Once you have placed this rubber pad under your recliner base, trim the excess portion of your rubber pad. So that people could not see you have placed a rubber pad under your recliner.

Cork/Cork Sheet

You can use cork as the most user-friendly and environment-friendly natural agent to stop sliding of your recliner. The incredible benefits of these corks are, they are non-permanent and never leave any glue-like residues or marks on your floor. Go for purchasing four Pre-Cut Corks, and place them under the four corners of your recliner metal frame.

You can select a more massive cork sheet (must have more extensive than your recliner metal frame). And then place the recliner on top of this cork sheet. Give some time to set the recliner on the cork sheet suitably. Cork can set your recliner a little bit high.

Again, it may cause a sink of your recliner inside the cork sheet. However, after a few sittings of you on your recliner, you will suitably set the recliner on the cork sheet. Cork is an environmentally friendly inexpensive agent so that you can go with this.

Small Mats

The underneath of the recliner has a hidden space that people could not see from outer space. However, you can utilize this hidden space to stop the slippery properties of your recliner. Keep your recliner on a small mat.

The small mat is supposed to contain a non -slip underneath portion. This little mat will stop your recliner from sliding anymore. You can also use a piece of your old carpet as a small mat underneath your recliner.

Non-Skid Furniture Pads for Recliners

There are several Non-Skid Furniture Pads For recliners available in the market. You can purchase anyone from them. So, I am enlisting here two best among those.

Stay Non-Skid Furniture for Recliner

Stay Non-Skid Furniture for Recliner

Among its main Features, We find

  • Latex Free
  • Made of PVC materials
  • Work on the Wooden Floor
  • Easy to install
  • Work Great
  • Rocker the Recliner

X-PROTECTOR Premium Two Colors Pack Furniture Pads

X-PROTECTOR Premium Two Colors Pack Furniture Pads

Among its main Features, We find

  • Anti-Scratch Furniture Pad
  • Suitable for All Home Furniture
  • Easy to Put
  • Durable
  • It can use on Hardwood, Laminated Floor, Tile, and Vinyl Floor.


How do I keep my recliner from sliding on hardwood floors?

You can use a Rubber pad, Furniture Gripper, Rugs, Stop Blocks, Leg Felt under your recliner to stop sliding off it. Also, you can make your floor clean and dusted to reduce sliding over it. Whatever you will choose from these ways, enormously pay your attention to your floor. Let your hardware floor be neat and clean always.

How To stop the recliner from Sliding on the Tiles?

Pick any one from the following ways-
• Put your recliner on the top of a Non-Slip Pad/Rubber Mat/ Thicker blanket.
• Place a piece of the rug underneath your recliner.
• Suppose you have a sliding recliner in your T.V room. Instead of placing a small mat underneath your recliner, cover the whole ground of your T.V room using a larger mat or carpet.

Final verdict

Before applying any of the methods to stop sliding your recliner, you have to think two things. Number one, you have to stop sliding of your recliner. And number two is, you have to make sure you will not damage your floor anyhow.

Never compromise any quality issues related to your floor. What you set under your recliner; be sure it is never going to give your home an odd-looking.

So, did you get your answer to How Do I Keep My Recliner From Sliding? If your answer is yes, my effort didn’t go into vain.

Stay safe and well.
Thank you.

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