How To Fix Up The Recliner Pull Handle: Expertise Guideline

How to fix up the recliner pull handle is a common asking question among most people? Because this is a specific part of a recliner that takes more pressure than the other parts, and this is why it breaks or starts to hurt.

A recliner is furniture that can offer you top-class comfort. But absolutely, you have got frustrated when your best recliner pull handle doesn’t work correctly. What if when you have faced this problem.
Don’t worry about these particular aspects.

Here we are to help you. We have talked to the experts about this issue in-depth. They have shared some tips and tricks with us.

Would you like to know what the experts told? Just give us 5 minutes and let us break down all the tips and tricks for you.

Fixing your recliner pull handle is not a too challenging job. Even it is straightforward that you can’t imagine. But before going to the guideline, let’s know the tool’s name that you need. Instead, perfect tools are essential to make your work easier. Check out here the tool’s name.

The Name Of The Tools That You Need

  • A perfect sized screwdriver to loosen and tighten the screws
  • A wrench instead of a screwdriver
  • A pair of needle-nose pliers to take off the cable from the recliner
  • New handle and cable to replace the old one
  • A flashlight to look at the dark place.
  • Hand gloves to protect yourself from germs and bacteria

Yes, only these 4-5 things or tools you need to complete your fixing job.

Where To Collect These Tools?

  • You can collect all the tools from a hardware shop. But you may not find a new handle and cable in the hardware store because you have to manage handle and cable according to your recliner model.
  • And most hardware stores don’t keep all recliner’s models cable and handle.
  • So when you don’t find it in the hardware store, you can check to the shop where you purchased your recliner.
  • You should also contact the company to collect the best cable and handle.
  • You must be aware of purchasing the new recliner handle and cable.
  • If possible, purchase these handles and cable, which have minimum guaranty. As once you buy any guarantee handle and cable, you have not to worry for those days

Now, it’s time to reveal the expert’s step-by-step guidelines.

Step 1.

Wearing The Hand Gloves

  • First, you should wear your hand gloves to keep yourself germ-free since we are passing a tough time in our life as well as straggling with the COVID-19 virus. So you have to maintain this.
  • After that, gather all the tools where you want to fix up the recliner pull handle.

Step 2.

Take Off The Screws From The Pull Of The Handle

  • Now, take the screwdriver in one hand and the flashlight in the other hand.
  • Switch on the flashlight and give the flash in the pull to identify where the screws are. There are two screws in the pull. Most of the time, you get one screw in the top and another in the bottom.
  • By these screws, the pull is attached to the handle.
  • The next attempt is to loose these two screws with the help of the screwdriver.
  • Keep those screws in a safe place as you need them again.

Step 3.

Turnover The Recliner And Reach The Underneath Of It

  • If you can, turnover it yourself. But if it is a very heavy recliner, take someone’s help to turn it over.
  • After downright it, you can easily reach the underneath of the recliner.

Step 4.

Take Off The Mechanism Release Clip From The Recliner

  • By the mechanism clip, the Recliner is connected with the handle. So you have to take off this.
  • Take the needle-nose pliers in your hand. Now, trigger the S-tip mechanism and release the clip with it.
  • Hold the cable and pull it to get out the entire cable from the recliner. Yes, do it very carefully. Otherwise, it may hamper other connections of the recliner chair.

Step 5.

Replace The New Cable In The Right Place

  • Here, what you need to do is nothing new. You have to do the reverse things.
  • Take the new pull cable in your hand. Slowly push it in the place from where you remove the old one.
  • Pull trigger the S-tip and set the cable correctly. Use both hands to do it.
  • Lock the cable inside the Recliner.

Step 6.

Again, Fix Up The Screws In The Right Place

  • Turn your Recliner to the normal position.
  • Have you remembered in the first step, you remove two screws from the pull handle.
  • Take those screws and the screwdriver.
  • Put them in the hole of the screws.
  • Tighten the screws with the screwdriver.
  • And this is the end of your recliner pull handle fixing task.

Step 7.

Testing The Recliner

  • After completing the fixing, now, it’s time to check it’s efficiency or work.
  • Sit on the Recliner and lean your head on the headrest.
  • Pull the handle.
  • Observe the efficiency of working.
  • If it works as per your expectation, you are successful in your fixing job.
  • Relax and enjoy your time sitting on your recliner chair.

Bottom Line

Knowing and performing new things are interesting, right. Because learning a new experience inspires you to go one step ahead in your life.

Here, you have learned how to fix up the recliner pull handle. Do it by yourself and share this lovely experience with your friends.

If you face any difficulties, don’t make any late to inform any expert and take help from him/her.
We hope you have an enjoyable time on your Recliner.

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