5 Simple Steps How To Repair A Natuzzi Recliner Cable

How To Repair A Natuzzi Recliner Cable? In simple words, a recliner chair is entirely a package of comfort, relaxation, and pleasure.

There are different types of recliner chairs. Even you will find different company’s best recliner chairs in the market. But all of them, Natuzzi is one of the best recliner suppliers. Nevertheless, sometimes you need to repair some simple parts as they don’t work efficiently.

Recliner cable is one of the parts of them. Here, we will discuss how to repair Natuzzi recliner cables in five simple steps. You can go through our article and know the steps to repair it by yourself.

To repair the Natuzzi recliner cable, you have to collect the best recliner cable. If you know some basic features about the Natuzzi recliner cable, it will help you identify the right one. We can realize your need. This is why we have written some of the best features of that.

How To Repair Natuzzi Recliner Cable: An Ultimate Guideline For You

Open The Ottoman And Remove The Wood Screws

First of all, take a simple screwdriver or an electric screwdriver which is beside you. Now, open the ottoman of the pull and remove the two screws.

Upside Down The Recliner And Open The S-tip

It’s time to release the S-tip from the recliner cable. Use a pair of nose pliers and remove the
mechanism parts. When you remove the mechanism parts do it very carefully. Otherwise, you may remove the wrong mechanism parts.

Take Away The Cable From The Recliner

As you have removed all the connections from the cable so it’s high time to take away the cable from the recliner. Hold the cable and pull it. You have to do it slowly; otherwise, it will hamper your
recliner leather.

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Set Up The New Cable

Do reverse engineering. Take the new recliner cable and insert it in the recliner. From where you release the S-tip from the first time, insert the new cable and lock the S-tip hook.

Flip The Recliner Into The Usual Position And Attach The Screws

The repairing process is almost done. Here, you have to turn over the recliner in the normal position.
First, you had opened two screws. Now, take these screws and attach them to the right place. The task is over.

Oh, yes, don’t forget to check the new cable performance after completing the repairing job. If the
Natuzzi recliner cable works efficiently as the new one works. You can pat your back by your hand to appreciate your efforts.

Bottom Line

As you have read above, so you can understand that how to repair a Natuzzi recliner cable is a very effortless and straightforward process. So why not buy a Natuzzi recliner cable, repair it by yourself, and enjoy a full relaxation period.

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