Briefly know How to Replace Recliner Tension Spring

As you have come here to read the article on how to replace recliner tension spring, I am sure you already purchased one or a few recliners at your home. A recliner is featured to give a comfortable feeling only when it is working correctly.

However, you need to confirm several things to ensure your best recliner is working correctly. Replacing the recliner tension spring is such a mechanism that needs to be done correctly to get a good result from your recliner.

Let’s see the details-

Before you are initiating the spring replacement process, you have to know does your recliner spring needs a replacement or not. Recliner tension is the term defined by how easily or how hard your recliner backrest can lead at the backyard position. And the mechanical part responsible for fixing the tension in a recliner is the recliner tension spring.

So if suddenly you feel difficulty pushing back to the backrest, and if your recliner backrest hardly leans backward, that means it has some issues with its spring tension. In that case, most often, you probably need to replace the tension spring.
However, make sure your recliner tension spring is out of order. You can also check the tension spring performance by tilting to the forward position. Tilt the recliner towards the forward position (your backrest footrest should close at that time).

If you can tilt the recliner so quickly or so hard in the forward direction, that means your tension spring does not work properly. If your recliner’s backrest leans too much, or hardly too low, that means you have an out-of-order recliner spring. So you can now make your decision to replace the recliner tension spring.

Replacing the tension spring of your recliner:

You can never expect a comfortable sitting from a recliner, which has a problematic tension spring. After testing the recliner tension, if you found the tension spring doesn’t work properly, simply follow the below-listed s to replace your recliner spring.

Flip the recliner. Make sure the bottom of your recliner has come out facing in front of you. Use a flashlight to find the Retaining Bolts (Retaining bolts are responsible for holding the recliner spring correctly on the place). You will find a couple of Retaining Bolts is situated at both sides of a recliner.

Use an adjustable wrench. Lose the Retaining bolts until each of them is about to come out in front of you. Take second-hand assistance to grab the spring properly while you are going to eradicate all bolts. Keep the old spring securely at the surface.

If you already have removed the bolt from the footrest, now you can go for the new spring replacement. Attach the new spring onto the recliner footrest. First, start from the new spring front side, and continue the tighten procedure manually. Finally, securely tight all bolts using a wrench.

Now again, take second-hand assistance to flip the new spring at the bottom of the recliner. And if it is done, tight all retaining bolts from the spring and to the recliner frame. Again use an adjustable wrench to tighten all retaining bolts securely.

Flip your recliner at the previous position. Sit on it; give a trial on how you have replaced the new spring. Once you become satisfied with your new tension spring, properly dispose of the older spring.

How to adjust the tension on the recliner spring?

Most of the recliners is featuring Wing Nuts or a Thumbscrew, which can utilize to adjust the recliner tension (which arises due to the tension spring movement. Generally, you may know that increasing the spring tension allows you more resistance, whereas decreasing the tension offers you less resistance.

The recliner with two Wing Nuts /Thumbscrews on both sides of the frame has to turn those adjustment keys clockwise to get more pressure and a count clockwise turning to get less stress from the recliner tension spring.

If your recliner is not bearing any Wing Nut to adjust the spring tension, you will need a replacement spring to install on your recliner and finally to adjust the tension.

Tips related to recliner tension spring replacement:

  1. Always read the safety precaution guideline before you are going to start any operation.
  2. Read the user guideline very well. Put immense importance, particularly on that point, which you will handle just in a while.
  3. If you are hesitating to complete the replacement process by yourself, please call for assistance.


Can I do the tension spring replacement process by myself?

Yes, you can. The tension spring replacement of the recliner is so easy and so simple you even don’t need to call a technician to do it. You can perform this work and could save some money as well.

Does only an improper spring tension is liable to force your recliner not to work?

No. Only the recliner tension spring is not the responsible mechanical part to stop your recliner work efficiently. A loose In-Line plug or disconnected In-Line plugs also force the recliner to work for you. However, you can resolve this issue as well; you need to connect the In-Line plugs using some clamp or pin.

Final verdict

You don’t need to replace your recliner every time. Most often, you could bring comfort feelings from your recliner only by replacing the old tension spring. If you could learn well how to replace the recliner tension spring, you can most probably restore your old recliners to give you the same quality, service, and comfort you could get from a newly purchased recliner.
So that’s all for today. Please share my article and leave any suggestions in the comment box.

Thank you.

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