8 Steps How To Secure Recliners in an RV You Can Perform Now

How To Secure Recliners in an RV? Would you like to secure your recliner in an RV to get the highest level comfortable? So you need to know the process. But you don’t find any guidelines.
Don’t worry about it.

We are here to inform you of the most manageable steps. With these steps, you can install your recliner in an RV.

The best recliner chair is incredible to use for getting top-level comfort. And this is why in the USA its demand is increasing day by day.

If you secure an RV (Recreational Vehicle) with your recliner. It takes your comfort to the advanced level.

To know how to secure your recliner in an RV, check our easy and simple 8 steps.

A recliner chair offers you to lean your back. It offers you to get proper relaxation for enjoying your leisure time. There are also some different spaces like headrest, armrest, and footrest. The features are the most convenient to give you the topmost comfort.

How to secure recliner in an RV: A Step By Step Guideline For You

To set up or connect or install an RV in your recliner chair, you must follow some short but practical steps. Once you know the process of installing the RV, it seems an effortless task for you. The steps are

  1. Select the space
  2. Choose your favorite power recliner chair
  3. Measure up the area and the recliner
  4. Remove the old furniture
  5. Paint the wall with matching the color of the recliner
  6. Clean the dust from the existing furniture
  7. Set up the electric box to plug-in power
  8. Set up the recliner to the proper space

After knowing the steps at a glance, it’s time to know in detail to grab the steps.

Select the space where you want to install the RV with Recliner
Every space of your home is not your favorite place, right. You want top-level comfort from an RV with a recliner chair. If you can find a suitable place for installing the recliner with an RV, that will be nice to you. So it is your primary task to select the proper place. Where you can set up the recliner with an RV.

Choose your favorite power recliner chair
There are different kinds and shapes of recliner chairs in the market. But all the recliners are not perfect for you. To get top-notch comfort, you need an excellent quality power recliner. So the second step is to choose a suitable recliner for you.

Measure up space and the recliner with tape to understand is the space enough or not
Yes, it is the 3rd step to secure recliners in an RV. You should take a measurement tape. Then measure the space and recliner’s length and width. It helps you install the.

Otherwise, after completing many steps when you notice the recliner is long from the space. It makes you irritating, annoying, and angry. In most cases, you need 27″ or (67cm) space to install recliners in an RV. But if the length is longer than this size, you will get some free space. That is really good.

Remove the old furniture from the place to make the site free to install the recliner
If there has any old furniture, remove them from the place. You can take your family members to help. If you feel the furniture is too much heavy to carry.

Paint the wall with matching the color of the recliner to give a proper look at the setup
Now, you must paint your wall according to the recliner color. This painting gives you two advantages.

  1. If the wall gets damaged, you can cover it with the painting.
  2. The new color-matched with the recliner color. So it shows your style sense.

Clean the dust from the existing furniture
After removing the old furniture and painting the wall, there must have some dust. You have to clean the dust to install the recliner. Take a broom and sweep the dust. If you want, you can clean the dust with a vacuum cleaner. The main point of this step is to clean the space.

Set up the electric box to plug-in power to the recliner
You have now come to the central part of your task. some tools you must need to install the recliner. They are electric wire, an electric wire cutter, an electrical box, a screwdriver, some bolts, and nuts.

Set up an electric box in the usual way. Take the box, insert the wire in the box, cut both sides of the wire with an electric wire cutter to get out the copper, join one side of the wire with the primary electric source, and another side with the box.

Now, twist the extra wire to the box. Cover the box with screws. Make enough tighten all the screws with the screwdriver. It helps you to avoid any electrical accident

What’s more? You hope it is not too much thing.
Yeah, you have completed the most crucial job to secure the recliner with an RV.

Set up the recliner to the proper space and plug in the recliner
After completing 95% of your task, it’s time just to set up the recliner in the selected space properly. Here, you have to plug in the recliner in the electric box.
You have almost completed the journey of securing the recliner in an RV.
Check the recliner. If it works, your securing mission is successful.

Final Thought

How to secure recliners in an RV is not a very difficult job that you think. It takes not more than a few hours. So look again at our step-by-step guideline. It gives you the proper idea to install the recliner.

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