Is It Ok To Sleep In A Recliner When Pregnant?

Being a mother is the most wanted and cherished feeling for a woman’s life. But the entire process of
being a mother is a very long journey. During the pregnancy period, you have to face many difficulties.
Sleeping problem is one of the most common difficulties of them. When most pregnant women face
sleeping difficulties, they have asked, is it ok to sleep in a recliner when pregnant?

In a word, gynecologists suggest that it is ok to sleep in the best recliner when pregnant. In this article, we will try to answer this question elaborately based on three trimesters. Let’s have a look at the points.

In most cases, the total pregnancy period is almost 40 weeks. The gynecologists divide the entire
pregnancy period into three trimesters. The three trimesters are

  • 1-12 weeks or 1-3 months for the first trimester
  • 13-28 weeks or 4-7 months for the second trimester
  • 29-40 weeks or 8-10 months for the third trimester

Since you face sleeping problems in your pregnancy period and want to know how safe to sleep in a
recliner, we will discuss it according to the trimester basis.

First Trimester

Sleep One Side: Maybe before pregnant, you like to sleep on the back. But in the pregnancy period, you
should avoid this. So when you sleep on a recliner, lay on one side.
Using Cushion: If you can’t sleep well, use one or two cushions between your knees. It helps you to sleep
and the flow of your blood and nutrition circulation.

Second Trimester

Sleep On Your Left Side: It is the best alternative to sleep. Because when you sleep on your left side, your
The baby gets enough oxygen to grow.
Keep Some Pillows On Your Back: As the recliner is a chair, you must keep some pillows in your backside.
It helps you to not roll on the back.

Third Trimester

Left Side Sleeping: Since in the third trimester, the baby is growing very fast, and it is now quite large than
the last two trimesters. So in the third trimester, it is a must to sleep on the left side. Because when you
sleep on the left side, your baby gets proper space to move.
Use Side Pillow: When you sleep in a recliner, tilt your head on the recliner, and use a side pillow.
Sometimes you may feel uneasy but remember it is natural. So don’t be panic.

Pro Tips
Since when you are pregnant, you must use a good quality recliner which can bear your load. Otherwise,
it may happen any unwanted accident. You can get many recliners in the market, but the lazy boy recliner
offers you the top-level comfort.


Is it ok to sit in a recliner while pregnant?

In simple words, yes, it is ok to sit in a recliner while pregnant. But whenever you sit in a recliner, you must be very careful about using a recliner.

Does sitting position in a recliner affect the baby?

When you are in the early pregnancy period, it does not affect your baby. But when you are in the third trimester of your pregnancy, it affects. Because of that time, the baby is growing up, and it needs enough space in your stomach. So when you sit, try to sit in a way that you and your baby feel comfortable.

Can sleep in a recliner cause blood clots in the pregnancy period?

It depends on many things—first, your pregnancy level, and second, your health. If you sleep in a recliner for a long time and don’t move, it may sometimes cause blood clots. So try to move after some time of
your sleep.

Bottom Line

Is it ok to sleep in a recliner when pregnant? We hope you have got the answer and become satisfied after
reading this article. Nevertheless, you have to be very much careful about your entire pregnancy period.
If you face any problem, don’t waste time and make a consultant with your gynecologist doctor.

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