How to add Padding to Recliner – Know Everything

How to add padding to the Recliner? Seating on an older recliner with the older padding is not only an uncomfortable matter; sometimes, it could be a matter of bitter experience as well. Recliner with older padding lost its standard functioning capability as it becomes aged after prolonged use.

So, if you intend to restuff your older padding, at first, you have to know how to add padding to your Recliner. The good idea is, follow my article; you will get a clear-cut idea about replacing your older padding from your best recliner sofa.

So, let’s start-

Needle: Needs to remove any staples pin or to expose the seam from the older padding.

Furniture Stuffing: It will refill your recliner housing. Cotton Batting is the best option to stuff the Recliner personally in an easier way.

Industrial Stapler: Without an industrial stapler, you cannot close the seam, which encloses the padding.

Glue Gun: If you close the seam using a glue gun, it will give an excellent finishing rather than a haphazard closing of the seam.

How to Add Padding to a Recliner Seat?

  1. Locate the seam and open it. If you need to remove the staples, use a Needle Nose Pilar or Flathead Screwdriver.
  2. After you have opened the seam, remove the old padding by pulling it out. Carefully pull out this padding, as an unnecessary hurry can damage the upholstery.
  3. If removing the old padding has done, now place the new padding into the cushion. The volume of the padding is will depends on your preference level. So, go with your choice.
  4. Once you have to put in all the padding inside the cushion, now spread the padding eventually everywhere. Never forget to fluff the padding up.
  5. Extend the Upholstery Fabric and tightly cover the padding as much as you can. Staple the fabric using an industrial stapler.
  6. It is not mandatory to use a glue gun on your seam closing, but it will give your Recliner an additional good finishing.
  7. Once the glue on the seam becomes dry, your recliner seat is ready for your use.

How to Add Padding to Recliner Armrests

  1. Move your recliner arm side in front of you.

2. Open the seam. Remove the staple pin using a Pilers/ Flathead Screwdriver.

3. Remove the fabric from the upholstery and remove the old padding. Gently pull out the old padding; never do it unnecessarily hurry. It can damage the housing. Also, never mix both sides of the armrests (if you are changing both-sided padding).

4. Observe your old padding shape. According to the shape of the older padding, cut the new padding.

5. Now fit those padding cuts on your armrests carefully. 

6. Once you have appropriately placed the total cutting, tightly close the entire system by the fabrics. Finally, staple the fabrics using the industrial stapler.

Tips to add padding to the Recliner:

  1. Sew the opening of the fabric when you restuff the cushions.

2. During replacing the armrests, don’t remove the armrest, it could damage the upholstery.

3. If your cushion has a zipper closing, you can easily remove the older pad. Instead of the older padding, if the cushion is closed by stitching, use a Knife, Scissors, or Seam Ripper to open the cushion’s tight stitches (at the bottom).

4. You can use a measuring tape to get the exact length, width, thickness of the older padding inside the cushion.

Recliner Comfort Padding

Recliner Comfort Padding is the alternate way of replacing the older padding from your Recliner. You can export extreme comfort on your recliner seat using this ready-to-use comfort padding. This pad features an ultra-protection layer for users’ skin.

The secured Hook and Loop Straps, along with the Positioning Belt, make this ready-made padding usable both in the hospital and home as well. If you face a sagging recliner sofa that you cannot restuff now, you can go with one ready-made recliner padding. It will give you extra comfort both at the seat and the armrests. This padding is portable, machine washable, and easily can handle as well.

We are enlisting the three best Recliner Comfort Padding below here; you can go through any of these three.


How to fix a sagging sofa?

Usually, a recliner sofa becomes sagging if it has issues with the padding, spring, or cushions. Any premature tear of these three components or old age of these three items can cause a sagging recliner. However, at first, where is the exact problem (among these three), then replace it.

Does replacing the old padding is a tough job?

Not at all. All you have to know is the proper way of doing it. Replacing the old padding needs to identify the cause of the problem at first (which portion of your sofa is doing the problem). Then it needs to remove the older padding (from the seat or the armrests). And finally, replacing the older padding.

Final Verdict

Replacing the older padding from your recliner seat or armrest is an easy cheap and efficient matter; provably, you never think of that. So, if you have read the whole article, you now know how to add padding to your Recliner.

If you have an older Recliner with older padding, change the older padding as soon as you can. It will not only give you incredible comfort, but also it will provide a new life to your Recliner.

Thank you

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