Know how to disassemble recliner sofa for moving?

Know how to disassemble the recliner sofa for moving here: A recliner is a pretty item that ensures your comfort sitting in your home. But when you have to transfer or move this comfy item from one place to another, it never stays so gentle and comfortable as it was previously.

Therefore, if you need to move your best recliner, you need to know how to disassemble the recliner sofa for moving smoothly and technically. Here go with us, we will say how to do it.

Let’s start-

Dissembling the recliner needs to
• Removing the Recliner Back
• Removing the Velcro Panels
• Removing the Footrest with Other Components etc.
So, let’s see how they can remove easily; we will describe the whole process into two majors subtle:

Release the Locking Levers

  1. Make the back face of the recliner in a straight-up position in front of you. If your Upholstered Recliner is featuring an additional rear panel at its backside, there must be Velcro or other locking systems to close the frame fabrics. Remove the fabric from the frame, and lift the board.
  2. Find the Rear Locking Levers. Search each side of the recliner’s seat. You will find a metal lever at the adjunct point of the arm & back of the recliner (along with the top of your recliner body). Some recliners may feature a center console. So, in that case, the lever will present in between the seat and the console frame.
  3. If your recliner doesn’t have any detachable rear panel, find the Back-Seams on each side of the sofa to feel the metal lever. You can also check the console and the seat to find the back seams.
  4. Now lose each metal lever using a flat head screwdriver and unlock each of them. Okay, once you have opened the metal lever, return your recliner on its previous position. Now carefully separate the back portion of your recliner from the total system. Recliner with a double seat (separated by a center console) needs to separate both the seat by back-out the console form the housing.

Remove Bolted Bars

  1. Now again, turn around your recliner to get the base side towards you. Look well if any base bar is present or not. If you find the bars, they will be two or three in number (screwed /bolted from one base to another).
  2. Now unfasten all the bolts to unlock the base bar. You can use a drill (With Robertson Drive Bits) for this purpose.
  3. Take second person assistance to hold the recliner. Especially when you are removing the last bar, you need additional help. Because as the bar will remove from its place, the seat and console will depart automatically from the mainframe. If someone does not catch those parts, they will roll away far and will damage somehow.

How to reassemble the recliner again?

  1. Again, turn the recliner base in front of you.
  2. Line up all the base bar onto the recliner base so that their back parts are facing you. Fit all the screws and bolts accordingly. (see the image or video which you have captured before disassembling the recliner into several pieces).
  3. At first, fasten the Top Bar’s Center Screws. Then accordingly, go for the remaining bars.
  4. Once you have reassembled the recliner back base, go for replacing the seat.
  5. Keep the sofa seat at the exact position as it was present before it dissembled. Carefully push the recliner seat into the housing. Exert a little bit jiggle to find a proper matching inside the housing.
  6. Again, turn forward your recliner.
  7. Place all the Locking Levers, Lock each of them on their position.

Tips to make your reassembling easier:

• You can ask a second person to record a video of the whole process you are doing to disassemble your recliner. Or you can also take snaps step by step from first to last. So, when you again reassemble all those separated recliner parts, those pictures or video records will help you a lot.
• Store all the screws, bolts, washers in separate polybags temporarily. For easier reassembling, label all the polybags with a title like “Left Seat Back,” “Top Base Bar,” etc.
• If your recliner uses electricity to tilt the footrest or backrest of your recliner, be careful and ensure you have unplugged the electric line before you start to disassemble it. If you, by chance, start dissembling the recliner without opening the electric cable, it can burn the sofa (and sometimes you as well) for a while.


How can I take apart an Ashley recliner?

• Unplug the recliner at first (If it needs).
• Identify the release mechanism and works on it here.
• Firmly point on your recliner’s back and observe the frame and other hardware you will need to work on which.
• Unlock the back from the base.
• Push the metal hook
• Hold both sides of the recliner back and firmly pull upwards.

Can I disassemble a Recliner?

You can. Most recliner comes with a detachable back design that may enable you to disassemble the recliner and transfer it anywhere. The dissembling methods of each recliner sofa is almost the same. If you find your recliner brand somehow different, you can follow the user manual and can easily disassemble your recliner.

Final Verdict

You don’t need to search for a professional to disassemble your recliner sofa during moving it from one place to another. Just follow our today’s instructions properly, you will be capable of dissembling or reassembling your recliner sofa at any time, anywhere.

So that’s all about today; if you think this article is even a little bit useful, please never think twice to share it on your timeline.

Stay safe.
Thank you.

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