Recliner Chair Mechanism Parts

A recliner chair is becoming the most used furniture among the people because of its top-class
comfortably. As after passing a hectic day, you need to relax. And a recliner chair offers you that kind of relaxation opportunity that you want.

A recliner chair has different parts to offer you superb relaxation. That is why you feel the importance to know in detail about the best recliner chair mechanism parts to use it properly.

We can understand your feeling. Here, we have discussed all the seven recliner mechanism parts in detail information. We can ensure that the information will help you. Only check out the info by further reading the article.

Depending on the purpose of the users, there are different types of recliners. But from all the recliners
some get more popularity due to their all-rounding performance. They are
➢ Traditional Recliner
➢ Power recliner
➢ Rocket recliner
➢ Glider Recliner
➢ Push-back recliner
➢ Swivel Recliner
➢ Lift recliner
➢ The wall-saver or wall hugger Recliner
➢ The two-position Recliner
➢ The massage Recliner
➢ The riser Recliner etc.

Here is not the end of the list. There is also some specialized recliner. For example the orthopedic Recliner, the mission recliner, the recliner sofa, the wingback chair recliner, and so on

The Materials Of The Recliner Chairs

As you have read there are different types of recliners. So all recliners don’t have the same materials. The most used materials are leather, fiber, polyurethane, stainless steel, etc.

Most manufacturing companies use high-quality materials to make high-performing, durable, and smooth recliners.

The Recliner Chair Mechanism Parts: All Information That You Need

A recliner chair offers you world-class comfortable. And it has some specific features. If you have a clear idea about those features and how do they work, it will be easy for you to operate them. Some of The most important features are
➢ Headrest
➢ Lumbar support
➢ Armrest
➢ Footrest
➢ USB port
➢ Cupholder
➢ Food tray

After knowing the feature’s name, it’s time to see some detailed information about those. Let us describe all the features one by one.


The recliner chair’s headrest structure is made of stainless steel. On the frame, the microfiber and
leather are attached to make it soft. The high-quality microfiber offers you too much softness that after keeping the head on the headrest, you feel relaxed.

Lumbar Support

Before going to say something about this lumber support feature, we would like to share a piece of horrible information with you. And the information is more than 5.4 million people are suffering severe lower back pain in the world. Isn’t the amount huge?

And this number is increasing day by day. Because when you use your regular sitting chair for sitting, that does not give you proper support in your lumber.

As a result, you feel lower back pain in your back. By considering this, the recliner chair has a superb and efficient lumbar support system. When you sit on the Recliner, you feel a willingness to tilt your back on it.

And through this highly efficient lumber support system, the Recliner chair can reduce your lower back pain if you have. Nevertheless, if you luckily do not have any lower back pain, it helps you to avoid it


There are two armrests on both sides of a recliner chair. After sitting on the chair, you can keep your hand on the armrest. The armrest offers you a soft and smooth surface to relax the time.


Yes, it is one of the best features of all the features of a recliner. When you press the button to
extend the footrest, it will spread. As you have to sit on a regular chair because of your office work, the legs are stacked. And when you extend your legs on a footrest, you forget the pain of your legs.

USB port

On the armrest, there have some buttons to operate the Recliner. There you also find some USB ports by which you can charge your electrical devices. You don’t have to move from your Recliner to use this feature. To use this, you have to connect your Recliner with electricity when you set it up. Nothing more than that.


Sometimes you can feel about drinking something at a time of relaxation. Don’t worry about it. The manufacturer company can understand your feeling.

So they keep a cup holder on the armrest. You can use this feature to keep your beverage cups there. When you need it, you can take a sip from the cup and enjoy your time.

Food Tray

There is also a food tray beside the cup holder. Take some snacks like chips, cookies, cakes, etc., and keep these in the food tray of the Recliner. Taking a bite from there and watching your favorite TV
show or movie can be a pleasant experience for you


How does a recliner chair mechanism work?

A recliner chair’s mechanism works in two ways. One is a cable system when you pull the handle of the cable the footrest open. And the other is a lever or release system. It is also manual.

How can I install a recliner chair mechanism?

To install your recliner chair mechanism first, you should go through the manual of the recliner. The company provides all the instructions there to install it. Just follow the instructions according to the manual. Yes, we know you can do it by yourself.

How can I fix up my recliner chair’s mechanism?

If you want you can fix up your recliner chair mechanism by yourself. And it is a straightforward task to perform. But if you don’t do it yourself, you can call an expert to fix it up. If your recliner footrest doesn’t work. You can read our article about how to fix up your recliner chair footrest.

Final Thought

After knowing all information about the Recliner now, you must have a clear idea about it. Even, All the recliner chair mechanism parts are equally important to help you for passing an enjoyable time with your family.

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