Seatcraft Equinox Leather Power Recliner Chair Review

Statecraft Equinox Leather Power Recliner Chair Review: WellSelecting a suitable recliner chair is very tough because most of the recliner chairs in the market are lush, linen, and either undersized or oversized. But Seatcraft Equinox leather power recliner chair is different from all the recliner chairs.

It offers you the utmost comfort, as it is designed by focusing on your convenience. You can set it in your living room, bedroom, or in the hall room where you like to use it. It gives you a theatre feel if you turn off all the lights and turn on the recliner chair’s sound shake.
Is there anything else?

To know the answer to this question, we are inviting you to read our review section. We have kept there all the information about this recliner chair.

SEATCRAFT Equinox Leather-Power Recliner

Seatcraft Equinox – Home Theater Seating – Top Grain Leather – Power Recline – Powered Headrest and Lumbar Support – Arm Storage – USB Charging – Cup Holders – Single Recliner, Brown

Seatcraft Equinox - Home Theater Seating - Top Grain Leather - Power Recline - Powered Headrest and Lumbar Support - Arm Storage - USB Charging - Cup Holders - Single Recliner, Brown

Among its main Features, We find

  • Efficient power control panel
  • Ensure high-level comfort
  • Superb weight loading capacity

Seatcraft Equinox leather power recliner chair: the most comfortable

When this is a question to select something for comfortable seating, you can choose the Seatcraft Equinox leather power recliner chair. Let’s have a look at the key features of this recliner chair.

  • Top grain leather
    The Seatcraft Equinox uses the finest and premium textured grain leather. So it provides you most pleasing touch, looks, and durability.
  • Top-class comfort
    When you want to experience a dream level comfort, with the adjusted headrest, armrest, and memory function, this is the right choice for you to get all these features in a power recliner chair.
  • Home theater settings
    In your leisure period, you like to watch a movie or your favorite shows in a theater. The Seatcraft Equinox ensures all convenient features for you. There is a cup holder, swivel tray table for each seat.
    So you can keep some snacks and beverages there and enjoy your time without moving anywhere.
  • Ready Sound shaker
    There has a preinstalled sound shaker on each seat. You can use this sound shaker only just with a press of an amplifier.
  • Adjusted power headrest
    We know when you sit on a leather power recliner chair, you want to title your head and relax. That’s why the Seatcraft Equinox leather power recliner chair offers you to title your head several positions according to your wish at a push a button. You can also reduce your neck and shoulder strain through this recliner chair.
  • Adjusted power lumbar support
    If you like to take your relaxation to the next level. An adjusted power lumbar support is a must with the leather power recliner chair. Seatcraft Equinox knows this, and it has made the chair with focusing this feature.
  • Power recliner control panel
    USB support can allow you to use electricity on your daily usage gadgets. Understand your need. The Seatcraft Equinox leather power recliner chair has some handy USB port on its arm. So you can convent dryly charge your mobile, laptop, and other electric devices.
  • Cool gel foams
    The cold gel foam ensures that the chair conference to your body’s natural contours while keeping the seat at an even temperature.
  • Weight loading capacity
    The recliner is only 174 pounds, but it can load 275 pounds. So you can easily use this chair if you are a heavyweight guy.
    Now, you know the key features of the recliner chair. You can think what’s more? Yes, there are also some pros is this chair. Check below the most important pros of the recliner chair.


  • Easy to assemble
    It is straightforward to assemble and use. There is no fixed rule for its usage. You can use this chair by tapping some buttons.
  • Warranty
    The recliner chair has a 1-year warranty. The warranty is imposed on the date of purchase the chair. You get free service if you face any problem with the chair within one year.
  • Battery requirement
    The recliner chair does not need any battery for storage it’s power. This is why you can use it as per your requirement.
  • Beautifully designed
    It is one of the stylish leather power recliner chairs among the all. So you can select this recliner chair, not giving a twice thought. It improves your home decoration quality.
  • Pocket friendly
    Yes, you have heard, right. You can take to your home by spending only 1199 dollars. If you make a comparison between its price and it’s comfortable. You have found it provides a series of comfort within this little amount.
  • Two available color
    You have found two available colors—Black and brown. So you can pick up one of your favorite colors, Seatcraft Equinox leather power recliner chair.


  • No owner manual
    This leather recliner chair doesn’t have any user manual. So before purchasing this one, you should check all the sides to ensure your comfort.

The feature you must keep in mind when purchasing a recliner chair: A perfect buying guide

Some features are very crucial to ensure your comfort. So when you have decided to buy a leather recliner chair. You should make a checklist and follow it when you buy the chair.

  • Leather
    It is one of the most essential parts of a recliner chair. Since there are different kinds of leather in the market, if you have any allergy with a leather texture, you should avoid it. The Seatcraft Equinox recliner uses top grain leather. It is an allergy-free leather. So feel free to use it.
  • Reclining mechanism
    The easy and simple reclining mechanism is very convenient for using a recliner chair. You find comfort and relax by using this. Our review chair has fulfilled these two criteria as a reclining mechanism.
  • Transferability
    Sometimes, you can change your living room. Then you have to transfer the recliner chair. If the chair is much weighed, it will take more energy to move. Our review chair is only 174 pounds or 79 kg, which is less weight than another recliner chair.

Final Thought of Seatcraft Equinox Leather Power Recliner Chair Review

You must love the Seatcraft Equinox leather power recliner chair because of its super fashionable design, comfort, and easy assemble features.

Remember one thing

A good recliner chair = Super comfort

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